Detachable Chain And Sprocket

Detachable Chain And Sprocket

Detachable Chain and sprocket
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Detachable Chain and sprocket

Detachable chain has hook at one end connected with pin at another end. This simple structure enables to assemble and disassembling easily.


Type A is small size and type B is large size with ribs applicable for #77 and upper.

Steel detachable chain is one of the oldest styles chains that are still in use today. Since the early 1900s steel detachable chains have been implemented in agricultural and industrial applications around the world. They stemmed from the original cast detachable chain design (patented in 1873) and are manufactured to be light-weight, economical, and durable. USA Roller Chain and Sprockets offers a high-quality line of Steel Detachable Chains (SDC) and steel detachable sprockets. We also have attachments and the easy to use steel detachable chain breaker! Our selection of American standard steel detachable chain is manufactured from a special hot-rolled strip steel that is heat-treated for increased strength and a longer wear life. This type of chain is designed for moderate loads and speeds, it is extremely easy to repair and install. Something important to note when installing and using steel detachable chain is that the closed end of the tab should always be towards the sprocket. We stock both painted and non-painted SDC chains so when ordering please specify which series you are looking for.


Chain Size(P)(M)(E)(D)(T)Ultimate Strength
#250.904"0.703"0.438"0.422"0.073"950   LBS
#321.57"0.938"0.610"0.594"0.090"1,650   LBS
#32W1.157"1.063"0.610"0.594"0.079"1,650   LBS
#331.402"0.938"0.627"0.610"0.090"1,650   LBS
#421.375"1.219"0.800"0.781"0.105"2,300   LBS
#50H1.375"1.281"0.798"0.781"0.125"2,600   LBS
#511.133"1.094"0.720"0.703"0.105"2,100   LBS
#521.508"1.406"0.760"0.840"0.125"2,700   LBS
#551.630"1.281"0.813"0.796"0.125"2,800   LBS
#621.654"1.563"1.002"0.984"0.148"4,200   LBS
#62A1.664"1.938"1.002"0.984"0.172"5,500   LBS
#62H1.654"1.875"1.002"0.984"0.148"4,400   LBS
#67H2.313"1.875"1.110"1.093"0.185"5,500   LBS
#67XH2.313"1.875"1.110"1.093"0.200"6,800   LBS
#67W2.313"2.375"1.110"1.093"0.148"4,800   LBS
#702.013"1.938"1.110"1.093"0.172"4,800   LBS
#722.025"1.938"1.110"1.093"0.172"4,800   LBS
S2.906"1.938"1.116"1.093"0.172"4,800   LBS
#72   1/21.643"2.00"1.172"1.156"0.148"4,500   LBS

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