Welded Drag Chain sprockets

Welded Drag Chain sprockets

Welded Drag Chain
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Welded Drag Chain

Categories: Welded Drag Chain, Welded Steel Mill and Drag Chain, Engineering Class Chain, Conveyor Chains (Standard & Overhead), Lumber-Wood Industry Chains, Sewage Treatment Chains, Sugar Industry Chains Tags: Drag, Forestry, Lumber, Timber, Welded

Industry   No.WD 102WD 104WD 110WD 112WD 116WD 480
Pitch (P)566888
Bushing Width (W)6.54.125991312.75
Length of Bearing (B)7.755.37510.37510.37514.12512.75
Plate Height (H)
Plate Thickness (T)0.3750.3750.3750.3750.3750.5
Pin Diam (D)0.750.750.750.750.750.875
Overall Length Over Rivit (L)9.1256.7511.7511.7515.514.625
Average Tensile Strength Pin   Heat Treated38,25038,25038,25038,25055,00070,000
Average Tensile Strength All   Heat Treated55,00055,00055,00055,00059,00079,000
Average Weight Per Foot   (Lbs./Ft.)10.88.513.3511.215.7