Ground Zerol Bevel Gears

Ground Zerol Bevel Gears

Ground Zerol Bevel Gears
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Ground Zerol Bevel Gears

Features of Zerol Bevel Gears

 Zerol Bevel Gears are spiral Bevel gears with a helix angle of less than 10 degree. Balanced,

and superior performance as they combine the features of straight / spiral bevel gears.

● Allows compact design as no inward thrust force ( * Reference to the figure) is produced,

which causes problems when using spiral Bevel gears.

● Unlike straight Bevel gears, Zerol Bevel Gears can be ground finished, allowing higher

precision, wear-resistance and are quieter, compared with straight Bevel gears.

● Drop in replacement for  Bevel Gears can easily be made due to the gears have similar

dimensions for the mounting distance. When replacing, please use a set of zerol Bevel

gears with opposite spiral hands, one right-hand and the other left-hand.

Specifications Precision grade JIS B 1704: 1978 grade 2 Gear teeth Gleason Pressure angle 20° Material S45C Heat treatment Teeth induction hardened Tooth hardness 50 ~ 60HRC