Plastic Screw Gears

Plastic Screw Gears

Plastic Screw Gears
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Plastic Screw Gears


Precision grade JIS grade N9 (JIS B1702-1: 1998) * JIS grade 5 (JIS B1702: 1976)


section of gear Normal plane

Gear teeth Standard full depth


pressure angle 20°

Helix angle 45°

Material    Acetal      Acetal is a stable plastic material with inherent self-lubricating properties that can be enhanced with lubricating fillers. 

Delrin      Delrin is an engineered plastic with a good combination of toughness, stiffness, wear and abrasion resistance, and low frictional characteristics. 

Nylon      Nylon, comprising several grades of polyamides, is a general-purpose material in wide use. It is tough and resistant and has good pressure ratings.    

Polycarbonate      Polycarbonate is an extremely tough polymer that can be machined to close tolerances.  Lubrication is sometimes needed, as the wear properties of polycarbonate are not as good as some other polymers.   

Other Plastic      Other unlisted or specialized polymers or plastic materials.


ModuleNo. of teethDirection of helixShapeBoreHub dia.Pitch dia.Outside dia.Face widthHub widthTotal length

m1.510R LS161621.2124.21151025
13R LS182327.5830.58151025
15R LS182531.8234.82151025
20R LS1103042.4345.43151025
m210R LS1102228.2832.28201535
13R LS1103036.7740.77201535
15R LS1103542.4346.43201535
20R LS1124556.5760.57201535
m2.510R LS1102635.3640.36221638
13R LS1123545.9650.96221638
15R LS1124053.0358.03221638
20R LS1126070.7175.71221638
m310R LS1123442.4348.43251843
13R LS1154555.1561.15251843
15R LS1155063.6469.64251843
20R LS1156084.8590.85251843