Travel Drive Hydraulic Motor / Traveling Drive Motor For Crawler Machines

Travel Drive Hydraulic Motor / Traveling Drive Motor For Crawler Machines

Travel Drive Hydraulic Motor / Traveling Drive Motor for crawler machines

Product Details

Travel Drive Hydraulic Motor / Traveling Drive Motor

travel drive hydraulic motor are a high torque and high efficiency, EP travel motor specifically designed for crawler machines. The drive motor can be customized to fit the customer’s requirements with many different ratios and displacements available.



The piston motor has a variable displacement (2-speed) swash plate and incorporates a brake valve and mechanical brake. Combined with a case-rotation type planetary gear reducer, the EP drive motor offers the following outstanding features:

— Hydraulically balanced piston motor ensures high-pressure high-performance operation. 

— An offset-type 2-speed design ensures reliable changeover of the displacement by an external pilot control (speed ratios of between 1.5:1 and 2:1) 

— The motor offers a built-in double counterbalance valve and shockless crossover relief valve, providing speed control and braking with minimum shock. 

— The mechanical brake is a negative brake linked with the counterbalance valve. The brake is automatically activated or released when the vehicle stops or starts. 

— The case-rotation type gear reducer has improved durability and reliability due to high precision parts and an equally-loaded design. 

— The hydraulic motor uses heavy duty bearings to ensure long life. Floating seals also prevent dust or water from entering into the motor.


EP-26VD. 19210-M12
D. 232

70.566.5D. 255
EP-33VD. 2409-M149-M12D. 26254.54147G1/4297.512867.851.5D. 285
EP-SOVD. 25012-M1612-M14D. 300

350.5148.580100D. 326
EP-26VD. 204D. 215D. 16550502626

EP-33VD. 230D. 264D. 200D. 54D. 5422222-G1/23-G3/8

EP-SOVD. 265D. 280D. 21052.552.52525