Greenhouse Reducers(gearbox)

Greenhouse Reducers(gearbox)

Greenhouse Reducers(gearbox)
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Greenhouse Reducers(gearbox)



Greenhouse Reducers(gearbox) FAQ And Solution

Common malfunctions

Greenhouse Reducers(gearbox) installation After, both positive and negative Unable to start

1. Check whether the power supply and control line are correctly installed according to the wiring diagram. Then restart it.

2. Check if the phase of the control line is correct. The method is: observe the knurled nut In the direction of movement, use tools to carefully press the lower switch of the front set of switches in the direction of movement of the nut. If it can stop, the phase is correct. If you can not stop, and press a group of lower switches behind the moving direction can make the machine stop, then the phase is reversed, and you need to exchange the phase and try again.

3, check the limit device to see if there is a set of switches up and down both switches In the depressed state, if it is, then loosen the knurled nut to reset the switch and restart it.

After the reducer reaches the end point, restart It can't work right or wrong.

1, this failure must occur to open the switch box cover, you can find a group Both the upper and lower switches of the switch have been pressed down, loosen the set screws, reset the switch, restart, and observe whether the switch is normal.

2. If there is a situation where the switch is depressed, the corresponding contact should be checked Whether the device is released in time, if it cannot be released in time, consider replacing the contactor.

3. When this type of failure occurs, avoid pressing the contactor and forcibly starting the machine. This will result in damage to the limit, which will inevitably damage the greenhouse structure or cause damage to the reducer gear during operation.