Agricultural PTO Drive Shaft

Agricultural PTO Drive Shaft

Agricultural PTO drive shaft
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Agricultural PTO drive shaft

HZPT GROUP supply a very large range of spare parts, needed by the end user for the routine maintenance of the PTO shafts, that  must be performed at least once a week.


The parts of the PTO shafts that are most subject to wear are:

the telescopic tubes

the safety guards

the cross joints

the torque limiters.

HZPT GROUP recommends annual maintenance, just before the beginning of the new agricultural season, to check that the above-mentioned components are working correctly.


HZPT GROUP has a large inventory of any spare parts for the PTO shafts, such as:

cross joints

yokes for outer tube

yokes for inner tube

joints for outer tube

joints for inner tube

outer tubes

inner tubes

safety guards

simple joints and double joints

constant velocity joints

free wheels (RA)

shear bolt torque limiters (SB)

pawl torque limiters (SW)

overrunning friction torque limiters.






Note: Broken, damaged or badly fitting guards

can be just as dangerous as no guard at all.

This leaflet is aimed at all users of PTO-driven


Case study

A 26-year-old stockman was adapting the pump

unit of a slurry tanker to provide vacuum drive

to a milking unit. On stepping over the partially

unguarded PTO shaft his left trouser leg became

entangled in the revolving PTO, resulting in his leg

being severed.


■ Protect the tractor PTO with a shield covering the

top and both sides of the PTO so that it stops

anyone making contact with it, either with parts of

their body or their clothes. Make sure this shield

is well constructed and capable of supporting a

downward load of at least 120 kg. When the PTO

is not in use, it may be covered by a fixed cap.

■ Guard PTO drive shafts by enclosing them along

their full length, from the tractor to the first bearing

on the machine.

■ Advice on guard dimensions and design

specifications for agricultural PTO drive shaft

guards is given in:

– BS EN 12965:2003+A2:2009 Tractors and

machinery for agriculture and forestry. Power

take-off (PTO) drive shafts and their guards.