Ground Helical Gear Racks

Ground Helical Gear Racks

Ground Helical Gear Racks

Product Details

Ground Helical Gear Racks


Precision grade  grade 1 *


section of gear Rotating plane

Gear teeth Standard full depth


pressure angle 20°

Helix angle 21°30'

Material SCM440

Heat treatment Thermal refining only

① The allowable forces shown in the table are the calculated values according to the assumed usage conditions. ② The backlash of racks differ depending on the size of the mating pinion. Please calculate the backlash from the backlash

value of the mating pinion. Also, please refer to the data in the section called 'Backlash of Rack Tooth (Amount of Tooth


③ Please use KHG Ground Helical Gears as the mating pinion.

④ These racks produce axial thrust forces.  

Ground Helical Gear Racks



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