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Reduction drives are used in engines of all kinds to increase the amount of torque per revolution of a shaft: the gearbox of any car is a ubiquitous example of a reduction drive. Common household uses are washing machines, food blenders and window-winders. Reduction drives are also used to decrease the rotational speed of an input shaft to an appropriate output speed. Reduction drives can be a gear train design or belt driven.
  • Speed Reducer Motor

    Speed Reducer Motor

    1. The geared motor is manufactured in accordance with international technical requirements and has a high technological content. 2, space saving, reliable and durable, with high overload capacity, power up to 95KW or more. 3, low energy consumption, superior performance,...

  • Speed Reducer For Electric Motor

    Speed Reducer For Electric Motor

    The geared motor is an integrated body of the reducer and the motor (motor). Such an integrated body is also commonly referred to as a gear motor or a geared motor. Geared motors are widely used in the steel industry and machinery industry. The advantage of using a geared...

  • Gear Reducer Box

    Gear Reducer Box

    The gear reducer is a combination of a geared motor and a large reducer. Compact and compact without couplings and adapters. The load is distributed on the planet gears, so the carrying capacity is higher than that of the general helical gear reducer. Meet the needs of small...

  • Motor Reducer

    Motor Reducer

    The gear reduction motor is the abbreviation of the combination of the motor and the reducer. As the name suggests, the gear reduction is to reduce the output speed of the motor to the speed you need with n sets of gears with different numbers of teeth. The gear reduction...

  • Industrial Gearbox

    Industrial Gearbox

    The industrial gearbox adopts the structure of the suction box body, the large surface area of the cabinet and the large fan, the cylindrical gear and the spiral bevel gear adopt the advanced grinding process, which improves the temperature rise, noise reduction and operation...

  • Gear Reduction Motor

    Gear Reduction Motor

    1, the transmission is relatively large. 2. Large output torque, high transmission efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. 3, high-quality aluminum alloy casting, light weight, no rust. 4, the transmission is stable, the noise is small, suitable for long-term...

  • Speed Reducer Gearbox

    Speed Reducer Gearbox

    The reducer is mainly composed of transmission parts (gear or worm), shaft, bearing, case and its accessories. The cabinet is an important component of the reducer. It is the base of the transmission parts and should have sufficient strength and rigidity. The box is usually...

  • Gear Speed Reducer

    Gear Speed Reducer

    The gear reducer is a power transmission mechanism that uses a gear speed converter to decelerate the number of revolutions of the motor to a desired number of revolutions and obtain a mechanism for a large torque. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure,...

  • Gear Reduction

    Gear Reduction

    Gear reducer 1, R series coaxial helical gear reducer combined with international technical requirements, with high technology content 2, space saving, reliable and durable, with high overload capacity, power up to 132KW; 3, low energy consumption, Excellent performance, the...

  • Gear Drive

    Gear Drive

    Gear transmission is the most widely used form of transmission in mechanical transmission. Its transmission is more accurate, high efficiency, compact structure, reliable operation and long service life.

  • Speed Gearbox

    Speed Gearbox

    The gearbox is a very important part of the vehicle, which can change the gear ratio and increase the torque and speed of the drive wheel. With the development of modern technology, the gearbox has also been upgraded. From the original manual transmission to the now...

  • Speed Reducer

    Speed Reducer

    The reducer is a separate closed transmission between the prime mover and the working machine. It is used to reduce the speed and increase the torque to meet the working needs. In some cases, it is also used to increase the speed, called the speed increaser. The reducer is a...

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