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Linear Motion

  • Worm Gear Jack

    Worm Gear Jack

    Large projects can be realized at short notice thanks to the use of preassembled modules. These modules can be customized to your application's specifications. Above all, the heart of every MULI and JUMBO screw jack is a precision trapezoidal or ball screw drive of superb...

  • Worm Screw Jack

    Worm Screw Jack

    1. Suitable for heavy load, low speed and low frequency; 2. Main components: precision trapezoid screw pair and high precision worm gear pair; 3. Compact design, small volume, light weight, wide drive sources, low noise, easy operation, convenient maintenance. 4. The...

  • Worm Gear Screw Jack

    Worm Gear Screw Jack

    Compared with fast speed hydraulic cylinder and pneumatic cylinder, JT-20T acme screw jack is of easy installation, small sizes, easy operation and maintenance, precisely lifting, self-locking, synchronous speed, environmental protection, multiple units arrangements.​

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