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Sprockets are used in bicycles, motorcycles, cars, tracked vehicles, and other machinery either to transmit rotary motion between two shafts where gears are unsuitable or to impart linear motion to a track, tape etc. Perhaps the most common form of sprocket may be found in the bicycle, in which the pedal shaft carries a large sprocket-wheel, which drives a chain, which, in turn, drives a small sprocket on the axle of the rear wheel. Early automobiles were also largely driven by sprocket and chain mechanism, a practice largely copied from bicycles.
  • Wheel And Sprocket

    Wheel And Sprocket

    Aiming to attain maximum client satisfaction, we are engaged in presenting Sprocket Wheel. The offered sprocket wheels are designed with the help of supreme class unfinished material. These sprocket wheels are acclaimed for their unique quality & long life. Our customers can...

  • Chain Sprocket

    Chain Sprocket

    The type A roller chain sprocket has the simplest structure, which is plain and without any extensions on both side. It offers a stable and secure attachment to the shaft. The type B and type C roller chain sprockets have one hub extensions on one or both side to provide...

  • Roller Chain Sprocket

    Roller Chain Sprocket

    The Martin double, also known as a duplex, type B sprocket is suitable for use with the series 80-2 chain with 1” pitch for driver or driven sprocket applications. Varying numbers of teeth and pitch diameters offer application flexibility. Made from high carbon steel, it has...

  • 60 Chain Sprocket

    60 Chain Sprocket

    For use on series 60 chain, 3/4" pitch provides flexible mounting options Idler sprocket with ball bearings offer reduced friction for longer sprocket life and less drag on the system Can be used to change the direction of chain motion or to adjust chain...

  • 60 Roller Chain Sprockets

    60 Roller Chain Sprockets

    This roller chain sprocket has a 3/4-inch pitch, fits size 60 chains, and is single strand with one set of teeth around its circumference for use with single strand chains. It is a Type B sprocket with a hub projection encircling the bore on one side, and both the hub and...

  • 41 Chain Sprocket

    41 Chain Sprocket

    Material: Aluminum Chain Pitch: #40/ #41/ #420 Bolt Circle: 5-1/4" Bolt Holes: 5/16" (6) Bore: 4-9/16" Lightened design .245" thick for extra durability

  • Double Sprocket

    Double Sprocket

    Double single sprockets are precision machined steel spockets and run with two single chains. They are stocked in minimum plain bore, taper bushed and Martin Split Taper style. The minimum plain bores can be quickly modified for your specific application.

  • Double Roller Chain Sprockets

    Double Roller Chain Sprockets

    Sprocket processing: forging, machining, hobbing, treatment on quenching, surface treatment/rust-proof treatment

  • Double Pitch Chain Sprockets

    Double Pitch Chain Sprockets

    Our double pitch precision roller chain sprocket is suitable for low speed, low mechanical power, and large sprocket center distance chain drive applications. It is integrally forged using medium carbon steel. Professional gear hobbing machines are adopted for the teeth...

  • Sprocket Gear

    Sprocket Gear

    Sprockets are of various designs, a maximum of efficiency being claimed for each by its originator. Sprockets and chains are also used for power transmission from one shaft to another where slippage is not admissible, sprocket chains being used instead of belts or ropes and...

  • Bike Sprocket

    Bike Sprocket

    Be sure to measure your chain or current sprocket before ordering. 420 chain has 1/2" pitch and 5/16" roller diameter. Most Chinese sprockets have the chain size and teeth count stamped into the metal.

  • Cycle Sprocket

    Cycle Sprocket

    12 tooth freewheel for bike. Mainly used to refit your bike. Color:copper. Material:metal. Tooth number:12 tooth. Aperture:approximately 18 ¡À 0.02mm. Whether it can be rotated reversely:No. Package includes: 1 x Gear​

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